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black beans and fruit salsa


When I moved from Vancouver to Poole in 1993, Sunday dining was about the carvery, and the pub.I was never a fan of the carvery. I always longed for a place to have a lovely late brunch.I think it was culture shock.I had recently left Vancouver you expected to queue at least twenty minutes for a good brunch. If a place did not have a twenty minute wait it was not worth going to. Of course people would get there super-early and get the first tables but that first sitting of brunch never had the same buzz as the second one. The queue was part of the experience, Servers came around with tiny samples of hot coffee, juice, and the tiniest pancakes. Brunch was always gorgeous with  flowers in drinks and garnishes that said this meal is special, it’s not porridge or a quick bowl of cereal . It’s the weekend.
A few things that I know about Brunch.   

Brunch has got to be gorgeous it can’t be breakfast at the little chef on the way to the airport.
Brunch has got to have some Pancakes,Waffles, French- Toast or sweet stuff.
Brunch is not street food. it needs to be eaten from a plate while sitting down.
Brunch Pancakes have to be fluffy  like clouds or pillows they are not crepes.
Brunch Pancakes need  Maple Syrup not Golden Syrup or lemon and sugar.
Brunch is a perfect excuse to a drink at noon  (we have special brunch cocktails )
In England you must have some baked beans  in some form somewhere on the brunch menu
Brunch involves poached eggs – nobody knows how to make perfect poached eggs its luck

As Homer Simpson said “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don’t exactly get what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal.” 

For the last four Sundays I served a  pop-up brunch at Jalarra the new cafe, bar in the triangle. It was a lot of fun and I loved working with Phyllida Swift, Kiall Douglas Wheatley and Marie, my enthusiastic and exceptionally good helpers. Thanks to Tony and Lisa Perkins for having me. Here are some pictures of the dishes.Thanks to the lovely Phyllida Swift for the pictures

We call them Hoovers! Short for Hueveros Ranchers. Poached Egg, Cheese, black beans on a tostada. Served with avocado and fresh fruit salsa


pancakes with blueberries
French Toast with homemade  blueberry Bourbon Syrup


Halloumi and mushroom sandwich
Haloumi and Mushroom Sandwich with chili jam & Asian apple slaw.


chic pea scramble with black beans
We don’t need no Eggs and Bacon ! with Tofu Chic Pea Scramble, Black Beans, Avocado, Guacamole, Asian slaw  and Tortillas for dipping.


Green Eggs and Jam. Vine tomatoes, Flat mushrooms, Poached Eggs+ Haloumi. Served with Chilli Jam and Basil Pesto.


Prickly Pear Vegan Nanna bread with Blueberry Apple Compote & Coconut cream.


I will be taking the next few Sundays off then looking for a new place to Pop up.  If you are looking for great brunch locally.Cafe Boscanova  is amazing  for fluffy pancakes, awesome coffee as well as more traditional but completely lush breakfasts. Camden Ashley and Westbourne will also give you a pancake fix   I am  also so very much in love with  Soulshine Cafe in Bridport. They import their own Canadian Maple syrup, make their own sourdough bread and serve amazing juices.

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