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Our Living Room


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Our Living Room opened as a coffee lounge on March 11th  2012. Prior to that it had been run soley as a bed and breakfast. What a terrible waste it would have been if it had stayed that way! Our Living Room is the family home of Andy and Anna Chamberlain and their two young children.

Located  at 2 Drury Road, Our Living Room has become a neighbourhood haven for coffee addicts, foodies, and families. Andy and Anna, with their freind and partner Sarah Mitchell, have natured and lovingly worked over every detail of their coffee lounge.

For a year before the opening and well before any money was raised for the transformation, the trio held weekend Brunch Clubs, inviting freinds and family. They tested recipes and mulled over ideas. They sipped, brunched and lunched. Closer to opening time they asked  for training and expertese on coffee from Joe at Boscanova and Steve from Tina We Salute you .  They sought advice, graft  and favours from many other freinds and neighbours.

Andy, Anna and Sarah set out to create an environment that felt like home, surrounded by friends.They wanted a space that welcomed children, encouraged adults to connect, and for all to feel nurtured and well cared for. I think that the Living Room has become that place. Friends and neighbors drop in regularly for coffee, food , and a chat. Bed and Breakfast guests mingle at breakfast with the locals.

I met Andy, Anna and Sarah In February. I am honoured that they chose me to work with them.
I am  so happy to be cooking here.We have so many exciting plans.

Our Living Room serves Brunch  from 8-2 Tuesday to Sunday – and stays open from  2-4pm
for sandwiches and cakes.

Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays for Family time  (between us we have six kids!)

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Brunch Pictures



pop up market stall
Pop Up Jubilee Market at Our Living Room

Our Living Room 
2 Drury Road
Alum Chine


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