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                  Tea and Cake In a Heatwave 



I Cook brunch five days a week, so it can be hard to find the inspiration to cook on my days off,especially in the middle of a heatwave.
Yesterday instead of turning my cooker on, I turned on my food processor and cooked in my freezer. I have wanted to try this Blueberry Bannana Strawberry Pie for ages. It’s vegan It’s raw and it’s cold. Teamed up with some home made Earl Grey Iced tea, it makes a perfect afternoon treat. 

Blueberry Pie just out of the freezer

I already had a big stash of blueberries in my freezer because I hoard them. Growing up in Canada, where blueberries are cheap, has turned me into the kind of person that buys all the marked down blueberries from the supermarket and freezes them until I have enough to make pie.  

It needs to melt a little 

 The recipe came  from one of my  favourite blogs. Emily Von Euw  lives in Vancouver British Columbia and her raw food is  utterly beautiful.ttp://

 Her photography is so  pretty. She can even inspire my 15 year old daughter to create. Like my daughter, she does seem to have a sweet tooth. This is probably why  her raw cakes and sweet goods are works of art. 

I  have adapted Emily’s recipe a little. Because last week In a fit of declutter and sort out my lifeness, I threw out the spring form tins. I have used silicone muffin tins instead. 
I did not have two cups of cashew nuts so I used assorted nuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. If you want to try her recipe or make your own version go here.

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