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Cooking Flowers In A Field

Once I cooked daisies and four leaf clovers in the garden, dishing them up in small plastic bowls for the fairies,robins, worms and whoever else came to eat.

Once I grew courgettes in my garden. Courgettes have the most beautiful yellow flowers; I knew you could eat the flowers but I never had a recipe,a courgette flower and a deep fryer all at the same time.

This is about to change; Stuffed Courgette Flowers are on Ms Marmite Lover’s Camp Bestival Menu.
This weekend I will be cooking with Ms Marmite Lover and her team.

For 16 years I have had a grape vine growing in the garden and for all those years I have thought of making Grape Jelly (a kind of North American jam). A few times I went out and bought the sugar and a jelly bag, but I never quite got around to making the jelly. Wednesday morning,before I head to Camp Bestival, I am going to pick some vine leaves and take them with me to add to Ms Marmites Lover’s stash. Vine leaves will also be on Ms Marmite Lover’s Camp Bestival Menu.

Ms Marmite Lover is Kerstin Rodgers,owner of The Underground Restaurant in London and pioneer of the Supper Club movement in the UK. She is also author of “Supper Club”,
a truly gorgeous book – quirky, down to earth,and inspirational.

I am no stranger to cooking. I know it is not really a glamorous job. It’s mostly hard work. I am using up some of my holiday days from my regular gig to cook at Camp Bestival. For five days I will be living in a tent. (I have bought one and have even practised putting it up). I will be cooking with people I have never met.(I love meeting people while cooking!). There will be three sittings a day:one o’clock for a long lazy lunch, seven o’clock for dinner,and midnight for the secret supper. Food will be served on lovely vintage tableware in a marquee. Waitresses will be dressed in Vintage pinnies (and other clothes of course).

This is exciting for me. Last year my daughter Raven went to Camp Bestival with friends. I loaded her into the car with a stash of homemade banana bread and some baby wipes and waved goodbye. It seemed my whole street was going somewhere. My husband Bruce invited me to walk up to Lidls (Bruce love Lidls). We walked around, bought olive oil and dark chocolate and went home.

This year things will be different.

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