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I am on the move

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After four years of taking the Yellow Bus from Parkestone to Boscombe I am leaving cafe Boscanova.
Since the cafe  opened it’s doors four years ago, I’ve cooked gallons of soup made hundreds of specials, and introduced Boscombe to Canadian Pancakes. I’ve cooked ribs and chicken for Brian Wison and his band, and Cuban pork for a salsa band. I have cooked curry and fajita wraps in a tent at the Boscombe community fair. I have cooked in feilds and village halls and at the Bournemouth Tatoo Festival. I  am so proud of the work I have done at Boscanova.

A big Thank you  to Joe Lovett for choosing me to set up Cafe Boscanovas kitchens and trusting me with the food for so many years. Special thanks to Toyah Cannings and Sarah Farendon  my two main girls for the whole four years. It would be impossible to count how many Boscanova breakfasts and lunches  those girls have sent out. We did good girls! and we sent out some amazing food.

A special  thank you to all the customers who have eaten the food over the years, and popped their head around the kitchen door and let us know how much they enjoyed it.

I have not hung up my pots and pans yet . My next venture is a little closer to home. I love new places and this one is brand new. So new that it’s not even open yet . I have seen the kitchen it’s about as small as a caravan but it has a little window. Soon the floor will go down and the sink will be plumbed in
and shelves built and cookers in place. I will keep you posted.  

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  1. How exciting, Tansy!! Do tell us where you will be going. I adore your food, and will definitely come over to try it out. Perhaps Julie and I can make it our new haunt.

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