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You remember that I said I was cooked out. I just wanted to write some stories and chill at home well I still haven’t done it. Stories I miss you !

Two weeks ago I took a National Express coach up to London. It is time to write the Cafe Boscanova summer menu. My plan was to go to Camden market on Sunday, see if I could get some new inspiration, and on Monday I would check out coffee bars. One of the places I wanted to look at in Camden is called the InSpiral Lounge. The InSpiral Lounge is well known for their selection of raw and vegan foods.
It is a funky little place right by the river.
There was a hot buffet and a salad buffet and although it was all vegan, it was not that interesting.
The food looked good enough , but it also looked a bit like a student pot-luck supper, amateurish and thrown together. I had a slice of vegan carrot cake. It was certainly delicious but at £3.25 a slice i think it would be unlikely to sell back in Bournemouth.

I wandered on to the food part of the market. Street food is always gorgeous especially on a sunny day. Because food is my business i looked at lots of things other than the actual food. It is fun to look around the back of the stalls to see how much food is prepped up ready, and whether they use gas grills or electric,and how many staff can comfortably keep the customers happy. The biggest line up was at the Mexican stall selling fajitas and veggie chili. It looked like the easiest operation too, except for the giant cookie stall.

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