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Matcha Muffins and Mole Poblano.

Yesterday the day started well.I spent the morning at home organizing my kitchen.
I cleaned my vintage cupboard so it could have its photo taken for this blog and I completely cleared my stainless steel work surfaces so I would be ready for some serious cooking. I was planning on making Mole Poblano and Matcha Green Tea muffins. The biggest mistake I made was going out.

Working with food I rarely wear makeup- the heat usually melts it to my face or the mascara sticks my eyes together. Cooking is not a glamorous job! Yesterday I decided even though I was only walking up Ashley road to get chili and garlic I would put on a little makeup. What a mistake that was.

A day later I am still wearing the makeup and my face is completely purple on one side. My finger is swollen and both my knees are bruised. All this because I fell over and landed on my face. It wasn’t too bad- the purple spots on the pavement that I originally thought were blood were in fact my squashed blackberries. People helped me up and put me on a bench. A couple of minutes later I hobbled home. At home I covered my face with an ice pack. I drank hot tea with sugar for the shock or maybe because they do it on T.V. Then I slathered the pavement burn on my face with aloe vera.

This must be proof that getting older is no fun. The last time I fell over was fifteen years ago.I was drinking gin martinis with Frank Murphy in a bar in Toronto. After three or four martinis I fainted. As was the custom,I was not allowed to leave the bar until an ambulance attendant had checked me over. A light was shone in my eyes, they asked me my name, my age, and who the prime minister was. Once I had answered the questions correctly I was free to go. Murphy and I went to another bar and drank more. I didn’t have any bruises on me and the next morning i didn’t even have a hang over. How things change.

This morning I ate the squashed blackberries for breakfast.My face is even more purple and my finger is bigger than it was. Now my friend Laura is going to get me some chili and garlic from Ashley road and I am determined to make the Matcha Muffins and the Mole Poblano today instead.

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