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October Cooking

I love cooking in Autumn. The garden looks amazing. Despite the fact that i never get around to planting much  there is a harvest. There are rosehips and wild rocket, nasturiums and the last of the tomatoes.The old grape vine that my freind eric planted sixteen years ago turns a beautiful shade of orange and  produces little sweet black seedless grapes. It’s the start of soup and hot-pot season, turning on the oven just makes the house more cozy.   

Apple Trees

Lovely English Apples are everywhere. Lots in my freind Laura’s Neigbors garden. Laura goes scrumping and brings us boxes of apples. I have made apple-sauce and put it in the freezer to have on  top of porridge some snowy winter day. I have made soup and apple crumble.  

October means Canadian Thanksgiving. This year we found some fellow Canadians and had a party. My  freind Pam, from Vancouver, came with her  boyfreind Mark. Pam runs Rhapsody cafe in Winton. Laura from Sarnia, who I met in the Dancing Goat, came along with her boyfreind. Laura also bought along the most amazing still warm from the oven Apple Crisp.I also  had the pleasure of making dinner for  Rosie from Rosie’s cafe in Boscombe. Finally I got her out of Boscombe and into my living room. Samantha Brightwell a freind and brilliant artist photographer came and impressed Tom and Raven with her vintage camera. My dear freind Matt  from Las maggies days and Bruces new  baseball watching freind also joined us. So did my daughter Raven and her freind Tom.             

Bruce Griffin  our resident Canadian and guests
 For my Canadian freinds can you spot Bruce Griffin. He spent the day making a Canadian Play list 
and a slide show of Canadian sites.   

Butternut Squash, Apple and Ginger Soup served with wild rocket and Nasturium from the garden. We served this soup at Camden Bar and Kitchen in Ashley Cross for a week and people went mad for it. The apples and squash are roasted with maple syrup and garlic in the oven. This picture is taken in my kitchen.
You can see my vintage owl pepper pot and 1980s kettle amd the yellow roses my husband bought me. The recipe for this soup  has been promised to many customers so it will be the next blog post.

Through the caravan window


    Yesterday was a rainy day. October 30th the clocks changed and as usual I was up before the rest of my family. I took a cup of tea out to Raven’s caravan and watched the garden wake up .


October is over and so is Baseball season. The world series ended a few days ago –  Hooray  I get my husband back. Though it seems he is slowly being weaned off sports on the computer , last night he came to bed with American football instead. 

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