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Just four more days to go

The food is ordered, the furniture is moved now the cooking starts. Hopefully if the snow is not too much of a distraction the corn husks for the tamales and the masa harina will  arrive by courier today along with cactus paddles and  some rather  pretty chillies. Bruce has already chosen his corner of the room for the piano.Raven and Ellie have  not chosen  their outfits but I know they definitely don’t want to wear any of my vintage aprons.
Here is a rough draft of the menu, things may change a little as I get creative 

Tortilla chips with Tomatilla Salsa 
Empandas Picadillo with Raisin and Cranberries 

Cactus Flautes with Prickly Pear Jam

Oaxcan Turkey Mole poblano
Pork and White Bean Chilli  

served with Pumpkin Bean and  Cheese tamales
Plaintain Mash  and Fallen Leaf Salad.



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  1. Oooh, that all looks lovely! I have to admit that I've only the very vaguest idea as to what empanadas are – but I won't let that stop me. LOL I am also quite ridiculously excited to hear we're having tamales, having seen them being prepared on the t.v. and been intrigued by them then. Also, I have always wanted to try Plantain, but have been a bit wary of not doing them justice – and the “Fallen Leaf” salad sounds too romantic for words. *grin*

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