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Popped up and Popped down I am feeding Blackbirds and Teenagers

Snow I love it! Someone is skiing down the middle of  my road. Most people on Palmerston Rd  have given up on going anywhere. The schools are closed and none of the cars are moving. There is an unofficial spontanious street  party across the road  in Alexander park. A lady well past 40 was sliding down a small hill on a plastic bag  the park is packed with kids and parents and whatever you can slide on. Someone should start playing Bing Crosby and take some chestnuts and hot chocolate over there. Snow makes me feel like we are all living in a musical .

Raven is home and so are five of her freinds. I have a big pot of spagetti on. The hallway is full of wet boots
mittens and coats. I have just made Hot Chocolate with whipped cream Marshmallows and Candycanes.
In the garden loads of blackbirds are  feasting on the grapes that I for the tenth year running have not made into grape jelly or wine.

Ok this weekend was supposed to be my Pop up South American but I have decided I just have to re-schedule.I am really really sorry that it is such late notice but I have already had a few cancelations and with the weather forcast and how difficult it can be to get around I have decided this definitely is not the best weekend for it. Gatwick is closed , trains have stopped, schools are closed and tamale flour may or may not arrive. I am thinking now that some time after  Christmas may be better when there is no threat of snow or severe weather.I think this is going go to be a stay in and make popcorn and cranberry decorations and write Christmas cards kind of weekend.    

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  1. DAMN YOU, SNOW!!! I don't blame you, Tansy, although I am – of course – terribly disappointed, there has got to be a better time to do a pop-up restaurant. Fingers crossed for the new year.

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