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Recycled Kitchen

I like my kitchen to be created from all kinds of recycled treasures.
Look at my lovely tool trug. It’s made of beautiful aged wood. It cost me pennies
in a charity shop. Turned on to its side it makes a lovely home for Moroccan glasses
and magical spices.

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. I left a reply, but not sure if you would have tracked that, so I thought I'd say the same thing here:

    Wowee! I can't believe you found my review. The power of the interweb never ceases to amaze me! Your pancakes have all the hallmarks of someone who has spent time in North America, so it doesn't suprise me you lived in Toronto!! They are yummy, my favourites! I really like the seasonal food you include on the Boscanova menus, I think for winter I'd like to see lots of stews, soups, casserole type stuff. Hearty, warming food!

    Although I don't live in Bournemouth anymore, my family are big fans of Boscanova! Keep up the good work!

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