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Thai Green Curry

This recipe uses Inuina Thai Taste Curry paste available from Waitrose for £2.16. Unlike a lot of other curry pastes it doesn’t contain fish sauce.If you are not veggie and you have fish sauce at home you can add about about a teaspoon to the curry for added seasoning and a more authentic taste.

1 pepper red or yellow cut into strips or cubes.
half an aubergine cut into 1-inch cubes
10 small mushrooms cut in half
250 gr of tofu cut into inch cubes
400 ml of tinned coconut milk
4-6tbs spoons of Inuia Thai Taste Green Curry Paste
1 pack of beansprouts
Washed spinach
2tbs of chopped coriander to garnish

Place aubergine in a pan with 250 ml water and cook in the water until soft about 7 minutes.Drain and set aside.

Cook tofu in a non stick pan with a tbs of oil- set aside

Put peppers in non stick pan and cook until skins are slightly browned add mushrooms and stir fry for a couple of seconds

Empty tinned coconut milk into a jug and add the curry paste.Mix together with a fork add to the pan with the peppers and mushrooms.

Next add the drained aubergine and the tofu along along with a couple of handfuls of bean sprouts and a handful of washed spinach.Cook on low for about6 minutes.Before serving top with chopped coriander.Serve in a bowl with rice or noodles.

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